Ski Sporter


Designer:  Walt Walters, Jim Wynne, and Don Aronow

LOA:  16' 7 and 1/2"

Beam:  7'

Production Period:  1964-1980

Production Numbers: 724

Gross Weight: 1500 lbs

Fuel Capacity:  25 gals

Speed:  45 + mph

Power ranged from a 110 hp  4 cyl Volvo to V8 power from Ford, Chevy, and Mopar with drives from  Eaton, Volvo, Merc I/O , Chrysler or V-drives

Notes: One of the original 3 models in the Donzi line up. The 16 was the model that started the craze for smaller high performance boats. Often called the Sweet 16 by mistake, the official name was the Ski Sporter. The name comes from the unique seating arrangement that made the boat a very versitile ski or sport boat. The name Sweet 16 was never used on the pre 1980 16, when the 16 was re-introduced in 1990 during  the OMC Donzi ownership they placed "Sweet 16" in a decal near the normal Donzi decals.





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The following Walt Walters line drawings for the 16 Ski Sporter are brought to you by a partnership of the LGDCC and the Museum at the Mystic Seaport.  All of Walt's drawings are available there  not only the many Donzi designs but other desgns like the  Formula 233. For more info on the drawings please contact

The Mystic Seaport

 The 16 Ski Sporter designed by Walt Walters

16 profile

16 plan view

16 lines and offset

16 Lines and offset (2)

16 stability rails


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