18 Classic


 Designer    A re-work of the original Walt Walters and Don Aronow design.

Production Era  1968-2010

Production Numbers   1000 +

LOA  18'

Beam  7'

Gross Weight  2500 lbs

Power:  power options ranged from the 165hp interceptor with an Eaton outdrive, to Holman Moody Ford 427 with V-drives. 

 Line Drawings

18 Plan and Profile

Notes: The 18 Classic Is the Matriarch of the donzi line up. It holds the title as the longest and most produced model. The hull was re-worked and the keel was rounded and the inner strakes lengthened to end about 2 feet from the transom. This modification makes the 18 ride softer than the sharp keeled barrelback.



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