sweet 16


Designer:  A re-working  of the original 16 Skisporter.

LOA 16' 8"

Beam 6' 10"

Production Period:  1990 to 2000 

Production Numbers: greater than 500

Power:   4.3 , 5.0 in both Ford and Chevy, 5.7  with Merc,OMC, and Volvo Penta SX drives

 Speed  mid to high 50's mph

Notes: After a decade of non-production the "sweet 16" is re-introduced in the Donzi Model line up. The molds for the old skisporter where nowhere to be found. Reports had  OMC taking the molds from a company making a splash of the 16 when the company went out of business. This would explain the difference in LOA and beam from the original 16 skisporter design.  This is the first time the name sweet 16 is used officially. The helm was moved to the right side to accomodate the OMC and Merc drives which only spun right handed.

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sweet16 cutaway

sweet16 Plan

sweet16 Trailer




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